23 – Look Who’s Talking

Stanley was a chatty person. He loved to talk. One day, he was having lunch with his coworkers. As they sat and began ordering, Stanley started talking about their boss, Ed. He went on and on about how he thought Ed was unqualified and that he thought Ed was gay. Everyone at the table was very quiet.

The next day, Stanley was very nervous. He knew he had crossed the line and wasn’t sure what would happen. Sure enough, Ed called him into his office.

“Stanley, you can’t say things like that about your boss,” Ed said.

Stanley was ashamed. “I know I crossed the line. I’m really very sorry. Please forgive me,” he said.

“I forgive you,” Ed said. “But please don’t talk about anyone behind their back. I know you love to talk, but you need to learn to control your tongue.”

“Yes, sir,” Stanley said.

Stanley returned to work and took Ed’s words to heart. He was genuinely contrite and had shame about what he had done. He asked one of his friends at work who was a Christian, “What do I do about contrition and shame?”

His friend looked it up and told him Psalm 51:17:

“I will not reject the sacrifice of a broken spirit and a contrite heart.”

“So what do I have to do?” Stanley asked.

“It says to make a sacrifice to God made of your broken spirit and a contrite heart. I would take this to God in prayer and tell Him that you’re making a sacrifice to Him.”

So Stanley went home and tried to pray. It was difficult for him as he hadn’t prayed much in his life.

Eventually he was able to get a prayer out: “Lord, I know I messed up. Please forgive me of my sins. Take my broken spirit and my contrite heart as a sacrifice to You.”

Soon, his shame faded and his contrition became peace. He practiced not gossiping every day and eventually it became second nature. Stanley was promoted to his boss’ position when he left. And he always made sure that gossip was not allowed. And most importantly, he learned how to pray.

“I will not reject the sacrifice of a broken spirit and a contrite heart.”

Psalm 51:17

Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance.

Isaiah 61:7

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