55 – Purpose

A young woman was struggling. She had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and she was facing the prospect of her own death. She was scared and alone, and she didn’t know what to do.

One day, she was reading the Bible when she came across Chronicles 16:34. She read it over and over again, and it spoke to her. She realized that God was with her, and that He would never leave her.

She started to pray. She prayed for strength, she prayed for guidance, and she prayed for peace. She prayed every day, and she started to feel God’s presence in her life.

She started to attend church, and she found a community of people who loved and supported her. She started to volunteer at a local hospital, and she found purpose in her life.

She continued to fight her illness, and she never gave up hope. She knew that God was with her, and that He would give her the strength to overcome anything.

She eventually passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones. She was at peace, knowing that she was going to be with God.

She is an inspiration to us all. She showed us that it is possible to find hope even in the midst of despair. She showed us that God is always with us, even in our darkest moments. She showed us that we can overcome anything, if only we have faith.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord; for He is good; for His mercy endureth for ever.”

Chronicles 16:34

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