70 – The Storm

A young woman sat on a beach, watching the waves crash against the shore. The wind was blowing, and the sky was dark. She felt a sense of foreboding.

She had been having bad dreams lately. Dreams of storms and floods. Dreams of being lost and alone. She knew that something was wrong, but she didn’t know what it was.

She stood up and started to walk back to her hotel. As she walked, she could hear the wind getting louder. She could see the waves getting higher.

She started to run. She ran as fast as she could, but it wasn’t fast enough. The storm was coming, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

The rain started to fall, and the wind started to howl. The young woman could barely see in front of her. She was scared, and she didn’t know what to do.

She tripped and fell, and she started to cry. She was all alone, and she didn’t know how she was going to survive.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw a man standing over her. The man was tall and strong, with a kind face and a gentle smile.

“Don’t worry,” the man said. “I am here to help you.”

The man helped the young woman to her feet. He led her to a nearby cave, and they went inside.

The storm raged outside, but the young woman was safe inside the cave. She was safe in the arms of God.

The man sat down next to the young woman and put his arm around her. “You are safe now,” he said. “You are in my arms.”

The young woman closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the man’s voice. She felt safe and loved. She knew that she would never be alone again.

The next morning, the storm had passed. The sun was shining, and the birds were singing. The young woman went outside and took a deep breath of fresh air. She was grateful to God for his protection. She was grateful to be alive.

The young woman went back inside and found the man sitting in the same spot. He smiled when he saw her.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“I’m feeling much better,” the young woman said. “Thank you for helping me.”

“You’re welcome,” the man said. “I’m glad I could help.”

The man stood up and started to walk away.

“Wait,” the young woman said. “What’s your name?”

The man turned around and smiled. “My name is God,” he said.

The young woman was stunned. She couldn’t believe that she had just met God.

“Thank you,” she said. “Thank you for everything.”

God smiled again. “You’re welcome,” he said. “Now go and live your life. I will always be with you.”

The young woman watched as God walked away. She knew that she would never forget him. She knew that she would always be safe in his arms.

“The eternalĀ God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlastingĀ arms.”

Deuteronomy 33:27

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