68 – Abandoned

A little girl sat on the cold, hard floor of the orphanage, clutching her teddy bear tightly to her chest. She was all alone in the world. Her parents had abandoned her when she was just a baby, and she had never known any other family.

The other children at the orphanage were mean to her. They called her names and made fun of her. She was always the last one picked for games, and she never had any friends.

The little girl was lonely and scared. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She didn’t have anyone to love her or care for her.

One day, the little girl was sitting in the corner of the orphanage, crying. A kind old woman came over to her and asked her what was wrong.

The little girl told the old woman about her parents abandoning her and how the other children were mean to her. The old woman listened patiently and then she said, “Don’t worry, child. God loves you and He will never abandon you.”

The little girl looked up at the old woman in surprise. She had never thought about God before.

The old woman smiled and said, “God is our Father in Heaven. He loves us all very much. He will always be there for us, no matter what happens.”

The little girl thought about what the old woman said. She had never felt loved before, but she wanted to believe that God loved her.

The old woman took the little girl’s hand and led her to the chapel. They sat down in the pews and the old woman began to pray.

The little girl listened to the old woman pray and she began to feel a sense of peace. She felt like God was listening to her and that He cared about her.

After the prayer, the old woman hugged the little girl and said, “Remember, God loves you. He will always be there for you.”

The little girl smiled and said, “Thank you.”

The little girl never forgot the old woman’s words. She learned to trust in God and she knew that He would always be there for her. She grew up to be a strong and independent woman, and she always remembered the love of God.

“Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.”

Psalm 27:10

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